where is the preserve?

Leopold's Preserve is located in western Prince William County, VA and surrounds the Villages of Piedmont community.


Driving Directions:  Traveling west on John Marshall Highway (SR 55), go past the Village Center shopping center. After passing the Farm at Broad Run on your left, go 0.3 miles and turn left onto Thoroughfare Road (SR 682). You will see a road sign indicating the road turns to gravel. Proceed across the railroad tracks. You will soon see two public parking areas (Parking Lot East and Parking Lot West) on either side of Thoroughfare Road. Parking Lot West offers wheelchair accessible parking spaces and wheelchair access to our viewing platform overlooking the wetlands.

what can i do there?

Watch and listen to the woodcocks dance in the spring sky; see how many wildflowers you can spot; study the differences in trees leaf shapes; read a book under the sycamore tree; picnic at the overlook; get the kids outside; get yourself outside; play games; chase butterflies; fly a kite in the meadow; learn about history and ecology through our interpretive signage; walk your dog (on a leash, please); meditate; recreate; compose a poem; smell the sweet fragrances of summer; see if you can spot the beaver den in the wetlands; watch the native grasses sway in the breeze; listen to the bullfrogs; watch the sunrise; watch the sunset; draw; paint; sing; dance; take photos; take selfies and share them with us; walk with a friend; walk alone; recharge yourself in the solitude and beauty of nature. The possibilities are endless!

is there anything i shouldn't do?

Please treat Leopold's Preserve with the same respect as you would treat any state or national park:  stay on the trails; no fireworks; no littering (pack in/pack out); no horses or motorized vehicles; biking on paved areas only; no overnight camping; no campfires; no alcohol consumption; no littering; no collection of plants and/or removal of any items from the preserve including animals; and please ... do not bother our neighbors in the Villages of Piedmont community. Their property is not part of the preserve.

can i bring a group?

We welcome naturalist events in the preserve. Birding clubs, art classes, wildflower groups, student field trips, etc. are welcome! Please contact us first so we know what is going on at the preserve and follow up with us afterwards with pictures, counts, number of participants, etc.

we welcome your feedback

We are proud of all that Leopold's Preserve has to offer so feel free to share with us what you enjoyed most about your visit! And don't forget to "check in" and post your photos on our Facebook page and Instagram when you arrive.