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Conservation - Education - Recreation

"Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land." - Aldo Leopold

Leopold's Preserve is a 380-acre park located in Haymarket, Virginia, about 35 miles west of Washington, DC. The Preserve features a 7-mile trail system that allows visitors to explore diverse habitats, scenic overlooks, and historic sites. Our trails are free to access and open to the public every day from dawn until dusk. Leopold's Preserve is a popular location for hiking, running, bird watching, plein air painting, forest bathing, and other outdoor activities. It has earned recognition as a top wildlife-watching spot from the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources and sees more than 10,000 visits annually.


Leopold's Preserve is not a state or county park - it is privately owned and managed by the White House Farm Foundation (WHFF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation with a focus on conservation and education. The White House Farm Foundation is committed to conserving native habitats, combatting invasive species, and protecting threatened landscapes at Leopold’s Preserve and beyond. WHFF sponsors dozens of free educational programs each year at the Preserve which cover ecology, conservation, and local history, aiming to make environmental education more accessible. The White House Farm Foundation is financially supported by the Plein Family Charitable Trust.

The inspiration behind Leopold's Preserve was a man considered by many as the father of wildlife management and of the United States' wilderness system -- Aldo Leopold. Throughout his life he played many roles: wildlife manager, hunter, husband, father, naturalist, wilderness advocate, poet, scientist, philosopher, visionary and conservationist. His ideas about the relationship between people and nature continually inspire us.

The origin of Leopold's Preserve was the sale and subsequent purchase of the South Market property - a 500-acre tract of land quietly nestled in the Rural Crescent but planned for industrial and commercial uses. The developer carved out a portion of the property for a clustered residential community (the Villages of Piedmont), then protected the balance of the land for conservation and public enjoyment. The 380-acre balance, which is now known as Leopold's Preserve, is protected forever through a conservation easement held by the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust (NVCT).

Discover more about Leopold's Preserve by watching the video below!

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