A prescribed burn takes place at Leopold's Preserve

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WHFF SUMMER 2022 Newsletter

Director's Corner | Supporting Education | Going Native | What's Happening at Leopold's | Making a Difference in Our Community | Upcoming Events | What We've Been Reading

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White House Farm Foundation, March 2022

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WHFF Spring 2022 Newsletter

Director's Corner | Restoration Projects | Recognizing Excellence | What's Happening at Leopold's | Plein Environmental Scholarship | Upcoming Events | What We've Been Reading

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White House Farm Foundation, March 2022


FOX 5 Zip Trip Gainesville: 5 Must Stops!

There are so many fun things to do when visiting GAINESVILLE it's hard to keep count! Here are THE 5 MUST STOPS that you just can't miss when taking your own ZIP TRIP! Read more

Fox 5 News, July 2021

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Lots to learn at Leopold’s Preserve

The first time I visited Leopold’s Preserve was just under a year ago in March 2020. As an amateur birder, I was invited by my friend, David Larsen, who is a local birding authority and founder of the Regency Nature Lovers group. Read more

Prince William Times, February 2021

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Rare trumpeter swans spotted locally late into spring

On Saturday, April 30, birding expert Dave Larsen raced over to Regency Golf Course in Haymarket after receiving a text message from a neighbor alerting him that he’d seen swans while golfing that afternoon. Read more

Prince William Times, May 2022


Scott C. Plein awarded 2021 Conservationist of the Year

Scott C. Plein, founder of the White House Farm Foundation, was awarded Conservationist of the Year by Prince William Ducks Unlimited. Read more

DU Prince William Chapter, February 2022


Burn, baby, burn

Thick smoke wafts through the forest as crews in fire-resistant gear wield “drip torches” against their enemy. The flames stay low but occasionally spike as the workers make their way slowly across the field, allowing wildlife time to escape the scorching blaze as they advance. Read more

Prince William Times, April 2021