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Directions and Guidelines

Leopold's Preserve features seven miles of trails which are open to the public every day from dawn until dusk. Our public parking area is conveniently located off of Route 55 (John Marshall Highway).

Getting to the Preserve

Street Address:

16290 Thoroughfare Road
Broad Run, Virginia 20137

Directions: Traveling west on John Marshall Highway (Rt. 55) turn left onto Thoroughfare Road (SR 682). Continue a short distance and the paved road turns to gravel. Cross the railroad tracks and in just a few hundred yards you will see the parking areas located to the left (Parking Lot East) and right (Parking Lot West).


Please Note: entrances located within the Villages of Piedmont community are not for public access! 


Wheelchair Icon
Our observation deck is wheelchair accessible from Parking Lost West.
We have one portable toilet located in Parking Lot East. We do not have running water on site. Please plan accordingly.
There are no trash receptacles in the Preserve. Please follow Leave No Trace ethics: pack in, pack out.

Park Rules

By adhering to the following guidelines, you ensure your safety and the safety of others while preserving the natural features and characteristics of the land.


  • Access is by foot only. Bicycles, dirt bikes, minibikes, ATVs, and other motorized vehicles are strictly prohibited.

  • Access is from dawn until dusk. Any after-hours activity in the Preserve is considered trespassing.

  • All visitors must keep to the trails. The “Private Property” boundaries are clearly marked. Please respect our neighbors in the Villages of Piedmont and other private residences.

  • Dogs are welcome. All pets must be leashed, and droppings must be removed. A dog waste station is conveniently located in Parking Lot East.

  • Camping, fires, hunting, and fishing are prohibited.

  • Alcoholic beverages and glass containers are prohibited.

  • Open possession or use of firearms, air guns, fireworks, or explosives is prohibited.

  • Collection of or disturbing of plants, animals, and artifacts is prohibited. If you are interested in conducting scientific or historic research at the Preserve, please contact us.

  • Help preserve nature - please don't litter. This includes cigarette butts and organic material. There are no trash receptacles in the Preserve, so plan ahead by bringing a small bag or container for your trash.

Tips for a Successful Visit

Plan Ahead
Check the weather, watch for hazards, and follow all the rules of the Preserve. Look over our trail map and print or download a copy to bring with you. Remember proper clothing and shoes, sunscreen, hats, and plenty of drinking water.

Stick To Trails
We work hard to ensure our trails are in pristine condition - please walk on the trails, not through the woods or meadows. Trampled vegetation takes years to recover, reducing habitat for our native p
ollinators and wildlife. Please contact us to report any trail issues, such as fallen trees or other hazards.

Leave What You Find
When visiting any outdoor area, try to leave it the same as you find it. The less impact we each make, the longer we will enjoy what we have. Even picking flowers denies others the opportunity to see them and reduces seeds, which means fewer plants next year. We encourage nature journaling and photography to remember unique observations and special moments.

Respect Other Visitors
Expect to meet other visitors. Be courteous and make room for others on the trails. Control your speed when running or jogging. Pass with care and let others know before you pass. Don’t disturb other visitors by making noise or playing loud music. Respect “Private Property - Residents Only” signs. If property boundaries are unclear, do not enter the area.

Trash Your Trash
There are no trash receptacles in the Preserve. Make sure all of your trash is carried out with you. Trash is unsightly and ruins the outdoor experience for others. Your trash can kill wildlife. Even organic materials such as orange peels, apple cores, and food scraps take years to break down and may attract unwanted pests.

Group Events

We welcome naturalist groups, hiking clubs, artists, field trips, and other group events at the Preserve. Please contact us so we know to expect you. We'd love to hear how your event went and see any photos you'd like to share!

In Case of Emergency

If you encounter any suspicious activity or abusive behavior in Leopold’s Preserve, please contact the Prince William County Western District Station at 703-792-5111.

DIAL 911 in a life-threatening emergency.

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