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The Preserve is a birding hotspot with species observed and documented by volunteers through the Virginia ebird program.

We are delighted with the number and diversity of birds at Leopold's Preserve and encourage everyone to visit us to view the many species of year-round winged residents and migratory species that stop by on their way north and south.

Share your tallies with us! Click here for a printable eBird Field Checklist.


September 8, 2016 - Our naturalist stroll with Lyt Wood focused on "Flying Things" - birds, butterflies, dragonflies and clouds. During the walk Mr. Wood identified a belted kingfisher, Canada goose, Carolina wren, catbird, cowbird, chimney swift, goldfinch, green heron, indigo bunting, killdeer, mallard, mockingbird, mourning dove, red-shouldered hawk, tufted titmouse, turkey vulture, and white-breasted nuthatch. 


He also noted the following butterflies:  buckeye, eastern tailed blue, hackberry emperor, least skipper, monarch, orange sulphur, pearl crescent, spicebush swallowtail, wood nymph and varigated fritillary.


Dragonflies and damselflies noted include: saddlebags, common whitetail, eastern pondhawk, green darner, halloween pennant, and a wandering glider. 

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Lyt Wood, naturalist and expert on local flora and fauna

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