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Invasive Vine Removal

Volunteer at the Preserve on your own schedule!

Invasive vines are one of the biggest challenges to habitat restoration at Leopold's Preserve. These vines, introduced from other continents, strangle our native trees, shade out understory plants, and provide subpar wildlife habitat. We rely on the help of dedicated volunteers to control the spread of invasive vines.


Through this program, you can attend a training session with our Park Manager to learn how to identify and control invasive vines. Once you are certified, you are welcome to come to the Preserve at any time to volunteer. This opportunity is perfect for those who cannot make it to our regularly scheduled volunteer workdays.

In 2023, we are offering three training sessions for this program, each scheduled for 1:30 - 2:30 PM. Use our calendar to register.

March 11

April 22

August 19

October 14

*If these dates don't work for you, reach out and we can schedule an individual training session.

This program focuses on three main species of concern: Japanese Honeysuckle, English Ivy, and Chinese Bittersweet. Coming soon: a guide sheet for our vine program, which includes details on best practices and how to identify each vine species.

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